Banking services (ATMs)

Integral service in installation, start-up and technical maintenance. Complementing with software installation, as well as technical assistance, hardware maintenance, periodic revisions or consumables loading.



  • Monitoring and quality control of the machines, as well as those incidents resulting from acts of vandalism where the ornamental maintenance of the same is necessary.

  • Including ATM withdrawal service and closed branch recyclers.

  • Conditioning retired ATM recyclers for recommissioning.

  • Removal and storage service of the extracted machines.

All of this thanks to the extensive knowledge acquired after installing more than 5,000 ATMs in our customers of the existing models on the market.

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Banking services (Reforms)

Comprehensive reforms


  • Construction, partial and total renovation of bank offices, remodeling of masonry, electricity, data, HVAC, fire protection systems...


  • Planning of work by zones or totals, relocation of offices, adaptation of sites and transformations.

  • Change and/or removal of corporate image.

  • Previous installation feasibility reports plans and technical report.

  • Specialized personnel in glass, marble/granite, wood, electricity, voice, data, etc.

  • Construction management.

  • Final reports with before/during/after photographic report.

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